Why Would You Keep a Dormant Company

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While you want to avoid a penalty, if you get one, it can be paid by your company and submitted to your business accounts without affecting your dormancy. By letting your limited liability company rest, you can avoid much of the cost of maintaining your business and you don`t have to go through the administrative process of closing your limited liability company. Apart from this tax return, a dormant company should no longer have obligations for HMRC until it starts trading or the company is dissolved. Here are six steps to finally end this dormant business – even before the end of the year: Essentially, a dormant company is inactive, but remains in Companies House`s companies register. If your business has never traded before, it must be registered online for corporate income tax. You must create a Government Gateway account and provide the following legal information: The main example is a condominium or the main lease of a property, with the dormant business option being used by companies dealing with housing management. For these housing management companies, a separate residents` association will usually take care of the income, expenses and legal issues of the management, which means that the housing management company itself must meet the requirements of a dormant company. If the sole proprietor chose instead to form a dormant company with the same name as his sole proprietorship, he could be sure that no one else could create a company of that name. Since a dormant business is relatively easy to start and maintain, it`s an easy way to prevent someone else from enjoying your success or damaging your reputation. The vast majority of companies actively trade, but there are also more than 300,000 dormant companies registered with Companies House. Dormant companies benefit from a reduced administrative effort: in particular, they do not have to specify the same level of detail in their accounts. While this is not a reason in itself, there are a number of good reasons why a dormant business can be started or maintained.

Given the strict rules, keeping a business dormant can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. The only transactions that a dormant company can process through a business bank account are: The first thing to do is to stop all business operations. This means settling debts, including employee salaries, supplier accounts, directors` salaries, shareholder dividends and other unpaid costs. Next, you need to close the commercial bank accounts to avoid transactions that invalidate the dormant status of the company under Companies House. Within approximately 15 days, you should receive a notification at your registered office address confirming acceptance of this dormant company status. In the event of a trading interruption – Sometimes a company will stop trading for a while before resuming at a later date. In this case, where it is known that the company will be needed again in the future, it makes sense to keep the same company instead of closing and reforming it. This is especially true if a company has built a good reputation under the current name. The company can be made inactive to cover the period when it is not traded, and then have the trading status reactivated if necessary. When you put your business on hold, you have the option to keep your name in the public eye without the burden of running a business. It also gives you peace of mind that if or when you decide to start trading, you can easily pick things up under a name you`ve already established. Inactive businesses must file a business income tax return with HMRC if they have already acted before becoming inactive.

Corporations that are dormant from the date of incorporation do not have to file tax returns until they take action. All dormant companies, even those that have not acted, must file financial statements with Companies House. However, the great advantage of being inactive is that you don`t have to provide as much information as you would for an active business. Keeping a business dormant is a great way to keep your business in front of the public eye without actively managing it. This may make sense in circumstances such as a commercial break or registering a limited liability company to protect your name so that competitors cannot use it. However, if you are a sole proprietor, there is nothing to prevent anyone from registering the limited liability company of the same name unless you have protected your company name. HMRC defines a dormant company as an entity that meets one of the following criteria: HMRC adds this information to its computer records and calculates your company`s accounting period for corporate tax. This starts from the date it starts trading until the accounting reference date (ARD) of your company`s financial statements. HMRC will then send you a „Notice of Delivery of a Corporate Income Tax Return“ for the transaction period before your business becomes inactive. You must complete and submit this and pay all taxes due.

There is no need to inform Companies House that the company is trading again, as this is obvious when the next accounts are submitted and they will automatically change the status accordingly. The type of structure you use depends on a number of factors specific to the business you want to start. In this article, we will look at the main structures – sole proprietorship, limited liability company,. Even if your business is inactive, you will need to file an annual confirmation declaration that includes a Register of Persons with Significant Control (PSC). It costs £13 if you submit online or £40 if you submit a paper return (February 2021). Details GOV.UK can be found here. Companies House goes even further and represents the only authorized transactions of a dormant company: for sole proprietors who create a dormant company for the future and/or to protect their name, this is a „business as usual“. .

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